Bitcoin Socratic Seminar #5

Poster for Bitcoin Socratic Seminar #5

It’s time for the first Atlanta BitDevs Socratic Seminar of 2022! Come hang out with Bitcoiners and developers to discuss the latest developments in Bitcoin, Lightning, and related technology.

What is a Socratic Seminar?

Inspired by other BitDevs meetups around the US, our Socratic Seminar events are formatted to foster debate, information sharing and lively discussion.

  1. Discussion topics are provided ahead of the event
  2. The event moderator(s) leads the audience through the topics
  3. Raise your hand to grab the mic and participate in the conversation
  4. We go to a bar afterwards

Special Presentation

This past weekend, members of Atlanta BitDevs participated in the SatsX hackathon and took the Overall Best Prize for PlebFM, an auction-style jukebox where you big over the Lightning network to bump your music to the top of the queue. Alex Lewin of NCR will do a presentation on this project, his motivations for the idea, and what he learned from building it.

Discussion Topics

Spook Nodes 👻

Pen-testing Lightning – using spook nodes to find unannounced channels.

Whisper Addresses 🕵️‍♀️

Generating stealth addresses for private bitcoin transactions.

Spads 🎆

“Spontaneous Ads” are opt-in ads. Advertisers pay over Lightning to post the ad, and users are paid over Lightning in order to have the ads delivered to them. It’s sort of a cut-out-the-middle-man model.

Multi-path LN payment with sub-second runtime ⚡️

Rene Pickhardt was able to compute a multi-path payment flow over the Lightning network in 0.65 seconds.

Fiat Swaps – Lightning based stablecoin 💰

Joko publishes a technique for constructing stablecoins over Lightning and Liquid.

Extras 🎉

Last minute additions if there’s time.

First Tether stablecoin TX in a Lightning channel – Synonym

Add support for BIP47 reusable payment codes to BDK

Automate Lightning Node Management with CLBOSS