Are open source AI models the future?

This session’s topic is the leaked Google memo “We Have No Moat”. This document outlines the power of open source AI models and how businesses might stay competitive in the AI market. While this isn’t a bitcoin focus paper, it is timely and relevant considering that the AI4ALL hackathon just launched. This hackathon has a clear… Continue reading Are open source AI models the future?


Last night, we met up to discuss Utreexo. We used this FigJam file to guide the conversation and provide some visuals for the concepts being discussed. This is probably one of the more approachable descriptions of Utreexo and the problems it aims to solve here: ELI5: Utreexo — A scaling solution by Calvin Kim Other… Continue reading Utreexo

Cypherpunk Manifesto

Last night we had a nice break from discussing the latest in bitcoin and lightning. Instead, we discussed the cypherpunk manifesto, an important piece of writing from the cypherpunk movement. The cypherpunk movement arguably led to the creation of bitcoin, among other technologies. Here are some links to things we discussed during the session: Cypherpunk… Continue reading Cypherpunk Manifesto

Bitcoin Lightning Privacy: Routing Analysis

We’re meeting tonight to discuss the Routing Analysis chapter of Lightning Privacy Research. Here are some notes to help prepare you for the discussion! NOTE: This is just Stephen sharing his notes with you and not actually a well thought-out or spellchecked instructional plan. 🙃 Lightning Privacy Introduction Bitcoin Layer 1 – all TXes… Continue reading Bitcoin Lightning Privacy: Routing Analysis

Bitcoin’s Birthday: a History & Deep Dive of the Genesis Block

We met up on January 4 to talk about the bitcoin genesis block. Here are Stephen’s notes he prepared for the discussion group. Yesterday marked the 14th anniversary of the bitcoin genesis block, which is timestamped January 3, 2009. What is a genesis block? A genesis block is the first block in a blockchain. It’s… Continue reading Bitcoin’s Birthday: a History & Deep Dive of the Genesis Block

Diving into tbDEX

Last year, a division of Block (formerly Square) known as TBD54566975 released a whitepaper for a protocol called tbDEX. The goal seems to be to create a decentralized way of exchanging fiat for bitcoin, and vice-versa. They launched the whitepaper in a blog post. For our next reading session, let’s discuss their blog post. This… Continue reading Diving into tbDEX