Bitcoin Socratic Seminar #8

It’s almost time for Bitcoin Socratic Seminar #8!

What is a Socratic Seminar?

Inspired by other BitDevs meetups around the US, our Socratic Seminar events are formatted to foster debate, information sharing and lively discussion.

  1. Discussion topics are provided ahead of the event
  2. The event moderator(s) leads the audience through the topics
  3. Raise your hand to grab the mic and participate in the conversation
  4. We go to a bar afterwards

Opening Presentation

Everyday, our privacy and control over personal data is slipping away. What can you do about it? Jordan Bravo will kick off the evening by sharing what he’s learned from his own journey to reclaim digital sovereignty: this includes things like encryption, privacy tools, self-hosted email, being your own cloud, and of course, bitcoin.

EDIT: Here’s Jordan’s presentation deck if you need a reminder about some of the tools he discussed.

Discussion Topics

Next, we’ll go over the latest in bitcoin and lightning development.


This isn’t specific to bitcoin, but this is a great way to learn about entropy and its importance for cryptography.

Lightning Node Hacked

Medium of Exchange website message

Lightning Summit 2022

Hertzbleed security vulnerability

Web5 – An Extra Decentralized Web Platform

Recent Hackathon Projects