Mission & Principles

Our Mission

Our mission is to maintain a supportive and collaborative community in Atlanta focused on the development of Bitcoin and related protocols, and to help a diverse group of members find their place in the global Bitcoin community.

Our Principles

  • Engage authentically
    • Sharing what you’re interested in or working on is encouraged
    • Mass promotion is discouraged
  • Engage respectfully
    • Treat other members of the group, their personal interest and views, with respect and decency
    • Respectfully challenging and disagreeing with others ideas is encouraged, making personal attacks against other members is not
  • Engage with Bitcoin
    • We’re here to discuss bitcoin and related protocols
    • We discuss opposing technologies to learn, not to shill

Upholding the principles

Any member of the community who goes against these principles will be given a warning by the organizers. At the discretion of the organizers, any member who consistently goes against these principles will be removed from the community.