Parking instructions for ATL BitLab

Free Spaces

Here’s how you can park for free at ATL BitLab with this one weird trick: only park in the green areas below.

First, try parking in the courtyard with the murals painted on the walls. Take note that one of these spots is reserved for handicapped folks and the another is reserved for electric vehicle charging.

If there is nothing available in the courtyard, try the row immediately to the north of it alongside John Wesley Dobbs Ave NE.

Failing that, try the green row along the fence (next to the monsters painted on the dumpster). There is also another row available that has a basketball goal in it.

Look for these signs. These signs are actually good. This means you are not in ParkMobile’s space and that you are in tenant space. That’s where you want to be. We are tenants and you are our guests.

Valet Parking

There is a band of parking mercenaries that have taken control of certain areas of the gravel lot. You can park in all the GREEN areas in the above map. The red areas are all surrounded by a yellow tape. You can see the yellow tape in the photos below. If you don’t want to pay a valet, make sure you are outside the yellow tape and can see some of the white “tenant” only signs.

Getting inside

Follow the green arrow per the map above. Enter the courtyard with the murals painted on the walls. Look for the red door, there is an Alkaloid sign up in the air and you’ll see the Terminus logo (with a big Bitcoin B) under that.

At the red door, stop and look to the corner to your left. There is a dark foreboding looking entry way. Go there and good downstairs to the red door. If you need help getting in that door, message us on Telegram.