Topics for Socratic Seminar #4

Poster for Atlanta BitDevs Socratic Seminar #4 and Pre-TABConf Jam

Here are the topics for Socratic Seminar #4. 🍂

🕵️‍♂️ Secret Guest

Native segwit outputs continue to increase

RBF usage

Darkside Ransomware

Preparing for taproot #16: output linking

CVE-2021-41591/ CVE-2021-41592 / CVE-2021-41593 “Dust HTLC Exposure Considered Harmful

Make descriptor wallets by default

Use legacy relaying to download blocks in blocks-only mode

Add Single Random Draw as an additional coin selection algorithm

Support remote signing over RPC

Elligator Squared for BN-like curves

On libbitcoinkernel

💪 Shaun

Security Budget II, Low Fees, and Merged Mining

Lightning and the Internet: Choosing the Right Path

👾 Stephen

🎨 UX Design

Lightning backups and interoperability considerations

Bitcoin UI Kit has a new screen browser

Square Crypto – grant to Bosch


Alby – Lightning Browser Extension

New c-lightning discord


rust-lightning v0.0.102 is released

lnd v0.14.0-beta.rc1 pre-release

c-lightning v0.10.2rc2 pre-release

Eclair v0.6.2

Eclair Mobile 0.4.17

🤷‍♂️ Misc

Release of Suredbits Oracle Explorer and Krystal Bull

“Square is considering building a Bitcoin mining system…”